Bachelor of Education in English Language Teaching

Bachelor of Education in English Language Teaching

Entry Qualifications NVQ Level 5 – Diploma in English and Education/ NVQ Level 6 – Higher National Diploma in English and Education accepted by the Technical and Vocational Education Commission


National Diploma in Teaching (English) offered by NIE at Colleges of Education


NDTT (ELT) offered by NITESL/University of Vocational Technology


Higher National Diploma in English offered by SLIATE


English Specialist Trained Teacher’s Certificate


National Diploma in English offered by NITESL/ University of Vocational Technology and any other qualification with an ELT related component acceptable to the Academic Council of the University

For B1(Weed Day) group only
A. Passed G.C.E A/L with at least S pass for English
B. Passed G.C.E. A/L with at least C pass for General English

Duration 3 Years
Modules Year 1

  • Year I – Semester IReview of Learning EnglishIntroduction to English LanguageAdvanced CommunicationELT  Approaches and Methods

    Introduction to Literature

    Philosophical and Social Foundations in Education

    Year I – Semester II

    Introduction to Linguistics

    Teaching Speaking and Listening


    Fundamentals of ICT

    Educational Psychology

Year 2

  • Year II – Semester IStructure of EnglishTeaching ReadingTeaching WritingComputer Assisted Language Learning

    Assessment of Learning

    Year II – Semester II



    Applied Linguistics

    Language Testing and Evaluation

    Teaching Learning Methods I

Year 3

  • Year III – Semester IEnglish for Specific PurposesChildren’s LiteratureLiterature in the Language ClassroomCurriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation

    Research Methods in Education

    Instructional Media

    Year III – Semester II

    Final Project

    Professional Development

    Educational Management