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Telephone No.


Mr. L.W.S. Kularatne Dean(Acting) 0112630715

Fax: 0112630716

Academic Staff – Department of Software Technology

Eng. H.P.A.I. Pathirana Senior Lecturer Gr.II/HOD 0112630717
Eng. T.K. Malwatta Senior Lecturer Gr.II 0112630700 Ext. 1477
Mr. A.S.K. Wijayawardena Lecturer (Probationary) 0112630700 Ext. 1479
Mr. P. Urthiran Teaching Assistant 0112630700 Ext. 1480

Teaching Staff – Department of Network Technology

Mr. R.M.C.A. Bandula Teaching Assistant/HOD 0112630700 Ext. 1477
Mr. P.H.S.S. Wijerathne Senior Engineering Teaching Assistant 0112630700 Ext. 1476

Teaching Staff – Department of Multimedia Technology

Mr H.A. Seneviratne Senior Lecturer Gr.II/HOD 0112630700
Ms. S.G. Nambuwasam Teaching Assistant 0112630700 Ext. 1478

Teaching Staff – Department of Interdisciplinary studies