Faculty of Industrial and Vocational Technology (FIVT)

Departments of the faculty

  • Department of Construction Technology
  • Department of Manufacturing Technology
  • Department of Electrical & Electronics Technology
  • Department of Agricultural and Food Technology
  • Department of Building Services Technology
  • Department of Quantity Surveying
  • Department of Film & Television Production Technology

The faculty offers undergraduate programmes in specialized areas of Civil Construction, Electrical and Electronics, Agriculture and Food and Manufacturing. The faculty makes arrangements to offer postgraduate diplomas and degrees in the near future.

1 Dr. D.D.D. Suraweera
Dean- Faculty of Industrial and Vocational Technology

Faculty of Training Technology (FTT)

Departments of the faculty

  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Language Studies
  • Department of Information & Communication Technology
  • Department of Management Studies

The currently offered undergraduate programmes are mainly related to Training Technology. They include pedagogical training and technical training. Teaching staff in the TVET sector and in the industries is provided the opportunity of obtaining academic qualifications through the Programmes offered by the faculty of Training Technology. In addition the faculty offers degree programmes in Information and Communication Technology.

2 Mr. L.W.S. Kularatne
Dean -Faculty of Training Technology
Telephone: 0112630715