Weekend-to-weekday transfer requests – intake 2021

The link of the form – https://forms.gle/fcJUixyuQQe8ohHu7
This form is to be filled by prospective candidates who are willing to follow a course in weekdays.
If you register for a weekday programme, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRANSFER TO WEEKEND PROGRAMME.
IF SELECTED, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ALL THREE YEARS IN WEEKDAYS. The university is having lectures in all five weekdays, and the evaluations may be held during weekends.
Courses will be allocated based on your original order of choices.
If your aptitude test mark is above the final cut-off mark of the weekend course, you will be given the option to transfer. 
If you register and get dropped out, you will not be able to admit to any course in the University in the future. It has been taken as a policy decision from 2021 intake onwards.
Please submit only one response. Multiple responses from same NIC number may result in rejection of the response.
Please refer the University Website and UoVT Online Portal (portal.uovt.ac.lk) for further updates.
The decision of the University of Vocational Technology will be final in this regard. Please contact 0112630700/ 0112630703 for further details.