Semester fees and Annual Registration fees

Dear Students,

Please make arrangements to settle   Semester fees and Annual Registration fees on or before 11.06.2021 in order to release Transcripts.  Account details and Summary on relevant fees are as follows.

Account Number:0070308457

Branch                  :BOC Ratmalana

Semester Semester Fee Year Renewal Fee
1 10,000 2000
2 10,000
3 10,000 2000
4 10,000
5 10,000 2000
6 10,000
Total 60,000 6,000


  • Semester Fees are applicable only for B2
  • Students who have used more than 3 Academic Years to complete the degree programme (deferments) should pay extra year renewal fee for every additional year ( Rs.2000.00).
  • A scan copy of the receipt should be emailed to to confirm your payment.