Telephone No.


Dr. D.D.D. Suraweera Dean 0112630718

Fax: 0112630719

Teaching Staff – Department of Agriculture and Food Technology

Ms. M. Thenabadu Lecturer (Probationary) /Acting HOD 0112630700 Ext. 1350
Mr. C.J. Abeywickrama Lecturer (Probationary) 0112630700 Ext. 1352
Ms. M.D.A. Priyadarshika Lecturer (Probationary) 0112630700 Ext. 1353
Mr. U.A.S.K. Edirisinghe Lecturer (Probationary) 0112630700 Ext. 1355

Teaching Staff – Department of Construction Technology

Ms. S.R.M.P. Seneviratne Lecturer (Probationary) 0112630700 Ext. 1301
Ms. D.V.D. Sajeewani 0112630700 Ext. 1300

Teaching Staff – Department of Electrical & Electronics Technology

Mr. S.P.A.R.S. Jayathilaka Senior Lecturer / HOD 0112630700 Ext. 1375
Ms. J.K. Kanthi Senior Lecturer 0112630700 Ext. 1376
Ms. W.C.C. Sumathiratna Senior Lecturer/ HOD – Construction Technology 0112630700 Ext. 1377
Mr. S.D.A. Sanjeewa Lecturer (Probationary) 0112630700 Ext. 1329
Mr. M.W. Maduranga Lecturer (Probationary)
Ms. M. Barathy 0112630700 Ext.1378

Teaching Staff – Department of Manufacturing Technology

Ms. K.G. Alahapperuma Lecturer (Probationary) / Acting HOD 0112630700 Ext. 1328
Mr. J. Wettasinghe Lecturer (Probationary) 0112630700 Ext. 1327
Ms. W.A.H.S.S. Wewala 0112630700 Ext. 1325
Teaching Staff – Film and Television Production Technology
Mr. Senesh Dissanaike Bandara Senior Lecturer/ HOD
Mr. Dilantha Rathnayake Lecturer (Probationary)